A Slow Start – Updated

Round 2 of the Rolling Sale is still going, but I’ll admit it’s off to a slow start, which doesn’t bode well for Unusual Events. Then again, there are still three days to go, counting today, so that’s still time for things to pick up. At the current moment, one more unit moved will launch Unusual Events into the 33% off category, while five more will put it at 50% off category.

Of course, those of you who have read Dead Silver can opt to leave a review instead, which counts as five copies moved and really kick the counter up.

Three days to go! If you enjoyed One Drink and are looking for something with quite a bit more bite, give Dead Silver a go!


UPDATE: Dead Silver has just unlocked tier 2 for Unusual Events!

UPDATE 2: Tier 3 has been unlocked!

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