Traveling Tales

Well, this is a first. I’m actually writing this post from my phone, in the Salt Lake City airport!

Yup, that’s right. I’m headed home to visit family for a few days. Nothing long–less than a week, actually. But it’s a visit all the same.

Still not very fond of the TSA experience. Security theater is simply pointless, but anyway …

Monday’s Being a Better Writer post should still be up, just possibly a little later than normal due to the time zone change. Don’t worry on that count. I’ll get it up.

So, what else is new? Work on Jungle passed another milestone this week: 100k!

That’s right. The Colony sequel draft is now past the hundred-thousand word mark. Which is good news … but you may have noticed is a little bit slow compared to normal. After all, I’ve been working on this for three months now … And while for others 100k wouldn’t be bad at all (quite the opposite, in fact), for me it’s a little slow. So what gives?

Work, basically. My part time job has been doing its best to strangle my free time. Extra shifts, longer hours, later hours (౩ AM is a regular end point) … And the ultimate effect is that I’m having less time to write.

It sucks. At this rate, this book draft won’t be done until … September? Not cool.

But it is what it is. I can’t very well write if I can’t afford electrify. My income is super limited, so … I’ll just have to work with what I have.

Though if you’d like to help, there’s a lot you can do, actually. You can be really direct and support my efforts on Patreon (check the button on the right of your screen there). It’s not just my books you’re helping fund–this also includes my weekly writing articles each Monday here on Unusual Things.

Of course, the other direct route is buying a book. I’ve got a couple, and they’re well worth it. Espionage on alien planets, shy superheroes, paranormal mysteries … There’s a wide selection! And an upcoming sale!

But if you’ve already bought them and read them, you can still help by leaving a review, a Goodreads rating, or even just telling your friends! Word of mouth is super helpful!

Now, I mentioned a sale, right? That’s coming in April. On April 19th, to be specific.

Why that date? Because it’s my birthday! So everything is going on sale. That’s right, old or new, it’s going to be priced down. One day only! More on this later.

Anyway, my flight should be boarding soon. I’ll see you all Monday!

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