Being a Better Writer Delayed, But Not By Me

So … there was a Being a Better Writer post today. A post in which I, quite ironically, griped about the sudden and bad change to WordPress’ posting format. Without warning, the whole thing has been rebuilt, in a much worse form than before that’s hidden useful features behind submenus, requires multiple clicks where one sufficed, etc.

So, anyway, using this new system, I wrote up a whole 1800-word post on Protagonists. Good stuff. Then I hit submit.

Error. Cannot post. I hit submit again.

Error. Cannot post. No reason given. This isn’t good.

So, like any sensible chap, what do I do? I hit CTRL+A to select everything and then try to copy.

Cannot copy. WHAT!?!?

Yeah, apparently you can no longer “save” your post from wordpress’ clutches by copy pasting. And the save feature was bugged too. So you can guess what happened.

That’s right. WordPress ate the entire post. All 1800 words. I couldn’t save it. I couldn’t even Copy-Paste it.

I am … extremely agitated right now. This was a good post. And I even tried to save it.

So … sorry, guys. I’m not going to rewrite the entire thing. Not today, at least. I’ve got a book to work on.

Please, if you feel inclined, light up WordPresses Twitter account on this. Not being allowed to CTRL+C a post is stupidity. Especially when their own “save” feature is now, apparently, a buggy “autosave” that stopped functioning after I finished writing the first paragraph.

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