Some Colony Review Excerpts

Colony continues to do well, so I thought I’d share with you guys some highlights from the various reviews it’s been collecting!

—An action packed sci-fi adventure filled with excellent, detailed world-building, Colony is a treat for any lover of sci-fi.

—I’m gonna have to redefine ‘BFG.’ In the book, it means ‘Big Freaken Gun.’ But I’m looking at it as ‘Brilliant Freaken Genius’ …

—Totally worth it!

—Max Florschutz is now in my “read everything this guy writes” category.

—I loved the characters and world-building, and was glued to my Kindle pretty much all weekend.

—This book is right up there with Ender’s Game as an original futuristic universe filled with world building, fully fledged characters, and an underlying plot that will leave you guessing until the final act.

—The first part of the book reads like Michael Crichton at his early techno best … The MIDDLE of the book, with the combat scenes, reminds me more of Tom Clancy … go for ‘Red Storm Rising’ or ‘The Hunt for Red October.’

—It’s futuristic—and maybe a bit cyberpunk—enough to appeal to the “what if” in most of us, yet still grounded in enough actual science to still be a believable tangent of future human development.

—An enjoyable Gibson-esq cyberpunk story that feels like it belongs in the annuls of Shadowrun.

—It is my PROUD opinion that ‘Colony’ deserves to be a smash hit. Highly endorse.

Seriously, it’s an amazing feeling to see something do so well. And to those of you who have read it already, just so you know, Colony is an eligible title for the 2017 Dragon Award nominations! Just something to keep in mind when you start wondering on what the best Sci-Fi book you’ve read recently was.

Anyway, I need to be back at work on Jungle! It’s coming along nicely, so expect more hints and tidbits to drop soon!

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