If I’ve Been Quiet, It’s Because My Throat Hurts

Don’t worry, it’s not that bad. No, really, it isn’t. It’s just a bug I picked up from my roommate.

It’s also not entirely the reason I’ve been so quiet. I’ve also been juggling things (as I commentated on in my last post), but the primary of those has been Jungle. Which is now sitting at over 30,000 words!

Has that kept me a little quiet? Well, yes. That’s been the primary factor. That and, I know blogs are supposed to be something that you provide rapid, frequent content for, but I’ve always been more on the side of “If I’m going to post something, why not post something meaningful?”

Though a comment chain on another blog I’ve been posting to has been percolating in my brain, so something may come of that soon. We’ll see.

I any case, just a little heads up that no, I’m not dead, I’m just working. In that authorial way, where I’ve vanished inside my office for days and days, hunched over a keyboard, clattering away at keys and building massive plot-threads.

Speaking of which, Jungle has a lot of those. I’ll give away a bit more as things move along (thereby giving more people time to make it through Colony), but right now it’s feeling pretty sweet. In Colony we got to see Pisces, now with Jungle things are opening up a bit to the universe at large … but in ways I hope people won’t expect. It’s definitely going to be a ride when everything hits the fan.

In other news, I need to get my sleep schedule back on track. That will definitely help.

Anyway, time to work!

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