Christmas Clamor

Okay, so it’s not too much of a “clamor,” really. More of just a general “busyness,” but I really wanted to get that alliteration in the title, you know?

Anyway …

So, this post is essentially the usual “information” post keeping you guys up to date. If it seems like I’ve been quiet, well … that’s because I have been. I’ve had family in town visiting for Christmas, and that’s taken a bit of precedence over my usual schedule.

Which is fine. I actually gave myself a lower-than-average quota to fulfill for the month of December. Something I did last year as well. I’ve learned.

Anyway, with where Christmas is falling this year, and with this being Monday, the usual posting day of the weekly Being a Better Writer post, I thought I’d deliver some quick updates for everyone.

First of all: There will be no Being a Better Writer today, nor will there be one next Monday. This doesn’t mean that there won’t be anything coming. Instead, you expect a Christmas message sometime this week to replace the missing BaBW post. Because it’s the season to focus on more important things. “More important things than writing?” you might ask? To which I’d say “Yes, they’re rare but they exist.

And yes, Star Wars: Rogue One (which I will see this Wednesday) happens to be one of those things.

Now, I said first of all, so that must mean there’s a “second” coming. Well, you’d be right. There is a second thing coming. And here it is: Those X-Com character pools? I found a place to put them up online.

I’m a numbskull for not thinking of it sooner, as it took someone else to point it out, but Google Docs can store things for others to download nicely.

Which means that, yes, in the week to come, I’ll throw up a post, with links, that’ll let you download both the Colony main cast and the primary protagonists of the Unusual Universe.

Should be good fun.

Anyway, that’s the fast and furious update. Merry Christmas, everyone, and even with the hustle and bustle, don’t forget what it’s all about.


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