Happy Thanksgiving!

If you’re bound to the soil of the U.S.A. as I am, today is our Thanksgiving Holiday! It’s evolved over the years as a feast of celebration in honor of all we have to be thankful for … though I’ll admit it’s a bit tainted by the immediate rush of “WANT” that comes right on its heels (or sometimes riding on the back) immediately thereafter in the form of “Black Friday.”

Whether or not you’re participating in that little number … just do yourself a favor, and don’t forget the ultimate goal. Make yourself a nicer than average meal, get together with family or friends (or both), and take solace in what you have.

In fact, if you feel like it, post what you’re thankful for this year here. Me? I’m thankful for the success of Colony. It’s been a real mood-booster seeing it do so well and be received so highly, after months and months of worry, stress, and work, has been a real mood-lifter. It’s a bit like having the weight taken off of my shoulders. And I’m glad of it!

So that’s what I’m thankful for this year. How about you?

Have a great Thanksgiving.

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