Reddit AMA Incoming!

Incoming! Why worry about the election when you could be thinking about monsters, magic, or werewolf soccer moms?

We’re two days out from the launch of Colony, and things are looking good. But that doesn’t mean it’s time to slow down or stop. Dead Silver‘s Version 2.0 needs to be finalized and the price dropped, advertisements still need to be sent out, etc. So I’ve got my workload cut out for me.

Naturally, I’m adding to it.

Tomorrow morning, and through the early afternoon, I will once again be doing a Reddit AMA! Colony is coming, so there’s no better time to take questions, answer questions, and just in general talk about stuff!

So mark your calendars and start thinking of questions! The AMA starts tomorrow morning! Curious about Colony? Unanswered questions about Unusual Events? Dread over ever seeing a sequel to Dead Silver? The floor will be open!

And I’ll throw a link up once it’s going down, no worries.

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