Colony’s Copy-Edit is DONE!

Yes, you read that right. Not an hour ago, I turned the last page of Colony‘s Copy-Edit.

It’s done. Finished. Right now I’m putting the final file together for upload. Tomorrow I get the cover and the description finished. And then … ?

Colony goes live for pre-order.

At long last, it’s almost here. Over one thousand pages of Epic Sci-Fi Adventure. Submarines, action, explosions, mystery … After so much time spent working on it and staying quiet … it’s finally going to be out!

Here’s a quick teaser for you all:

Five years ago, Carlos Rodriguez, one of the greatest computer programmers of the modern age, retired.

Now his old employer wants him back. Quietly. Which means enlisting the services of three unconnected individuals: A paranoid corporate investigator, a white-hat hacker, and a gun-for-hire with a penchant for violence.

There’s just one catch. Carlos didn’t just retire from work, he retired from Earth, vanishing out across the stars to one of mankind’s distant colony worlds.

It’s going to be a long trip.

Ehh, I’m working on it. Speaking of which … I’d best get back to it!

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