Colony Moves into Beta

It’s happened. Colony is officially ready for Beta 1.

That means grammar and typo hunting. Proofreading for small errors. The stone the story was carved from? It’s been examined and re-examined, prodded at, chipped away at, and touched upon. And now, at long last, the sculpture is finished. What’s left is the spit and polish, the final sheen to make the surface gleam.

Beta reads are open to all prior active Beta Readers and Alpha Readers. The call will go out tomorrow. Which also means that in a short period of time, Shadow of an Empire will progress into it’s own Alpha, so there will be a call for that too.

Right, back to work! There’s no time to waste! I’ve got a cover to get done, files to put up, and much, much more!

Oh, and I’m still aiming for an October release date for Colony. Mark your calendars!

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