Slow (And Sick) Week

So, hopefully this post doesn’t have too many typos in it. At the moment my mind is a little … bananas isn’t the best word, perhaps banana slurry fits it better.

Basically, there was supposed to have been a short post yesterday. Right now, I can’t even remember what it was going to be about, but there was. Then I woke up yesterday morning and rushed to the restroom with an urgency I hadn’t had in a while and spent the rest of the day curled around a metal bowl in my easy chair.

Yup, flu. In the last 24 hours, I’ve eaten nothing but a few crackers, had maybe a single cup’s worth of water. And some ginger ale. My intestines are an unhappy place.

So, other news really quick. My part time job continues to put me down for Monday morning, so unless I’m still sick then, there may be a delay to BaBW. Depends on whether or not I’ve recovered enough to do it tomorrow.

And last but not least, Labor Day Sale stuff. Obviously I’d be remiss to mention that everything I’ve published is currently on sale this week. You can get all the details of the sale here. Please consider buying something.

Anyway, I feel awful. I’ll be back later.


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