Don’t Forget Monday!

Actually, this post serves two purposes. First and foremost, it’s a reminder that starting Monday, everything I’ve published will be on sale. You can check the details here, but the short of it is that come Labor Day, you’ll be able to get my entire library for less than $10. Over a thousand pages worth of reading. If you’re looking to catch up before Colony comes along, Monday is the day.

But that’s not all, and thus we move to step two of this post. Monday is also going to feature, as it has been in the past, the rise of yet another Being a Better Writer post!

Yeah, pretty standard for this site, but seeing as I broke the chain while I was away, I figure a good reminder can’t hurt.

So now, on to other news. Work is back in full force on Colony. About halfway through the second Alpha, should be mostly done with it sometime next week, at which point the story will move into Beta! Still aiming for an October release, so warm up your kindles! I’ll have a bit more information on pricing and the like, as well as a cover to show off, soon, but for now it looks like the Beta is going to weigh in at around 330,000 words. Yes, that translates, based on your publisher, to a book that’s between 1,000 pages (Amazon, who go by 330 words per page on average) and 1,430 (Tor or one of the other big pubs—can’t remember which—who estimate a 233 words per page average). Unless something crazy happens and I cut a chapter or two (unlikely based on Alpha feedback so far), that’s around what the final copy will be.

In other words, this is a big book. Any wonder it took so long to get this close to release.

But I’m close. And speaking of which, I want to get another 10,000 words edited on it today, so I’d best be off.

Catch you Monday, and enjoy your weekend.

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