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Readers, I am now officially back! Back at posting (Patreon post about fishing coming fast!), back at editing (Colony is aiming at an October release, so time to get my work in gear), and back home (Ah, computer desk, how I have missed you). The trip home occurred almost without a single hitch … and that lone hitch was an inexplicable case of my luggage somehow teleporting on ahead of me and arriving a full twelve hours before I did (I suspect a secret shadow flight that my bag was placed on by mistake, perhaps serving Unusuals).Yes, everything is as it should be.

Well, except for one thing: No matter how I try to spin it, I still did lose roughly three weeks of editing time on Colony with this trip. Which is a little harsh. I could have had the second Alpha done by now. That’s a delay on my end, and a delay for you readers anxiously waiting on your end.

Now granted, I did make a nice paycheck while I was up there. But that doesn’t really give anything to you guys for waiting patiently over those few weeks. So I figure, why not mitigate that a little?

So boom, sale. Starting Monday, September 5th, my entire collection is going to be discounted. All of it. That’s right, even the new stuff. What can you expect?

Well, for starters, One Drink, my first book, will be completely free MondayOne Drink Cover, September 12th through Friday, September 9th (which is all the further Amazon will let me make it free). One Drink introduced readers to Jacob Rocke, the Unusuals Universe, and a strange case involving a vengeful, ghostly wolf. As my first-published, it’s not exactly the most impressive thing I’ve ever written by a long shot (it’s only got 4 stars on Amazon and Goodreads) … but it is a fun, quick read that gives a good idea of what’s to come, and like I said, it’s going to be free.

Of course, a free book is all well and good, but One Drink has been free before. If you’ve already read that one and are looking for a longer, more in-depth read, then I’ve got good news for you: The sequel, Dead Silver, is going to be half-off for this entire upcoming week. From Monday, September 5th to Monday, September 12th (again, Amazon limits how long I can have a book on sale) you’ll be able to pick up Dead Silver at 51% off. Yup, normally $5.99, Dead Silver is going to be $2.99.

Dead Silver FinalDead Silver, if you’re not familiar with it, is the fan-requested follow-up to One Drink. Taking place a year after the events of One Drink, it follows the friend of Jacob Rocke, shaman Hawke Decroux, as he heads out to a small New Mexico town in pursuit of a vacation. Well, a bit of a working vacation, since it’s also a favor to Jacob Rocke, who’s having a bit of trouble corralling a chupacabra harassing the local’s livestock, but a vacation nonetheless. But when Jacob Rocke turns up both missing and wanted for murder, Hawke’s relaxing getaway quickly shifts gears, and he’s forced to contend with irate sheriffs, missing animals, and a rising body count to get to the bottom of the darkness plaguing Silver Dreams. Readers loved this one enough to leave it with a 4.5 star rating on Amazon and Goodreads, so if you haven’t yet, pick it up and give it a shot.

Of course, many of you likely already have Dead Silver in your collections already owning to your love of all things Unusual … but there’s still one more title to go. That’s right, for the first time since it’s release, Unusual Events is going to be discounted, to the tune of 25% off. So the normally $7.99 Unusual Events is going to be, from Monday, September 5th to Monday, September 12th (that Amazon limit again), $5.99.

Unusual Events isn’t like the other two entries on this list. Rather than a single Unusual Eventsstory, Unusual Events is a “short” story collection, consisting of 10 stand-alone stories scattered across various universes. Five are from the Unusuals Universe shared by One Drink and Dead Silver (and one of those five is actually a side-story to Dead Silver). Two are set in the real-world, taking place in Alaska. And the other three are each part of separate universes or stand-alone: One is a side-prequel story of sorts to the upcoming fantasy-western Shadow of an Empire, another a standalone superhero story with a twist, and the last a religious-based story (not in-your-face, no worries) set in ancient South/Central America.

Now, some of you might be wondering how a set of ten “short” stories could argue a $6 price tag on a sale, let alone a $8 standard (even though the average ten-page short story sells on Amazon for a buck). More astute readers might be wondering why I keep bracketing the word “short” on either side with quotes. The answer is: All but two of these really aren’t short stories by the common definition. Most of them are novelettes, weighing in at around 60 or so pages, and one of them is actually longer than my first book (One Drink) by a substantial amount. The whole thing, taken together, is about seventy-five pages longer than Dead Silver (which is by no means a short book in and of itself).

In other words, they’re not really “short” at all. Hence the quotes. But at $5.99 for a week, it’s a pretty sweet deal for a book with a five-star rating on Amazon (and 4.5 on Goodreads).

So mark your calendars people. Monday, September 5th is the day you’ll be able to pick up every one of my published works (over a thousand pages of reading) for less then $10.

Spread the word and charge your preferred readers. The sale is coming!

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