Unusual Events Giveaway! (Now Closed — Winners Forthcoming)

Unusual EventsHey there! You! Yes you! Would you like to win a free copy of the short story collection Unusual Events? Of course you would! If not, but you still love the excitement of entering things, well … you could always hand it over to someone else who would!

So, why would I ask? Because I’ve got a copy to give away! And someone is going to get it! Pretty straightforward, pretty simple. Name in a hat sort of stuff.

Okay, maybe not quite so simple. After all, for me to pull a name from a hat, there need to be names in the hat for me to blindly grasp for, and that’s where you, reader, come in. See, in order to give a copy of Unusual Events away, I need two things: An entry to draw from said hat (note: blind drawing may not actually be from a hat), and an e-mail address (to giveaway the book to).

So, here’s what we’re going to do. If you wish to enter the giveaway, then simply leave a comment below (which will require you put in an e-mail address  I can see) saying something to the effect of “I want to enter the giveaway!” That will give you one name in the metaphorical hat.

Would you like to receive a second entry? Then share this giveaway post via one of the share buttons at the bottom on Facebook, Twitter, or the like (and make sure you mention that you shared it in your comment, because this I can’t see outside of the total number of shares, so honor system). That’ll give you a second entry.

How about a third? Yes, I’m allowing you to get up to three entries for this one! All you have to do is in your comment, answer this question in its entirety: If you could share a one-hour lunch with any character (and yes, I mean any) I’ve ever written, who would it be, where would you eat, what would you talk about, and why? Tell us all about it! That’ll get you a third entry! (Oh, and, as always, keep the event civil. Nothing innapropriate. That’ll get your post deleted. Sorry)

And if you’ve never read anything of mine, you can always head over either my sample page, Amazon page, or elsewhere with my writing (try links) to get some samples).

Get your entries in now, because once Midnight PST hits, this contest is closed forever! Then, all the entrants names will be put in a hat, the winner drawn, and a lucky winner will get a copy of Unusual Events all for themselves (and if I get enough entrants, I may just go ahead and add a few more prizes, so the more the merrier!)

So … clock’s ticking! Enter below!

5 thoughts on “Unusual Events Giveaway! (Now Closed — Winners Forthcoming)

  1. Yo, **************@gmail.com here for the giveaway.
    I would probably take Sky Bolt out to a local pizzeria to discuss engineering. As an aspiring engineer myself, magitech is super interesting to me.


  2. Greetings noble one.
    I’m here to get a little chance for that nice giveaway of yours.

    What else, oh yeah the important one:
    I would like to have a nice homemade lunch with Hawk Decroux. Though I doubt there would be that much talking involved.

    Good luck to everyone else here.


  3. I would like to enter the giveaway. As for who I would want to talk to the only name that comes to mind would be Steel Song. I would probably say to get something from a food cart or something easy to carry with you to eat and go explore a park while listening to old stories he’d be willing to share. Hearing stories from those who lived through the event are always better and more real than just reading about them in a book.


  4. I would like to enter the giveaway. Here’s the fun part. 🙂

    I would talk with Sky Bolt about airships and magitech at a mom and pop Mexican restaurant. I find magitech and airships really interesting, and Sky Bolt was my favorite character from Dusk Guard: Rise.


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