Being a Better Writer Is Looking For Feedback! + Topic Call!

Hey guys!

Well, after last week’s glorious writing sprint (25,000 words written on Shadow of an Empire), this week finds me starting out with a shift at my other job. A Monday morning shift, which means …

Yup, the usual Being a Better Writer post has been delayed ’till tomorrow morning. A profound sadness resonates across the land, I know.

But, rather than just give you all bad news with nothing else to go on, I’ve decided to ask for feedback instead.

I know that BaBW sees a number of regular hits, being the primary source of regular views on the site. There’s also a clear peak each Monday when I upload a new installment. With that in mind, what are those of you who are reading it thinking? Is it helpful? Is it not? Is it not specific enough? Is it too specific? Does it cover topics you’re interested in or consider useful? Would it be better with a bunch of pictures?

Basically, what feedback do you have concerning BaBW for me, the author?

And, of course, while we’re at it, what topics or areas (keep them distinct for my sake, please) would you like to see discussed here? What things haven’t been spoken about so far that you’d really like to hear about? Have you heard too much of something? Has there been a glaring omission?  Tell me about it!

I’ll be checking your feedback over the course of the day, and look forward to seeing what you guys are looking for and what topics you’d like me to hit. Until tomorrow!

One thought on “Being a Better Writer Is Looking For Feedback! + Topic Call!

  1. For a topic, how about the importance of leaving a comment on others work? Whether a review, grammer check, or even a negative opinion. Feedback is always important.


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