Well, this weekend was a slow one. If you’re wondering where today’s post went, the answer is … tomorrow.

A lot of things are going to get done tomorrow.

Basically, it comes down to one of two things. The first is in the title. I got sick this last weekend. Well, really in the week leading up to it. Knocked out by some sinus infection.

How bad was I? At one point I wandered into my bathroom to collect some toilet-paper tissue to blow my nose on. I walked into the darkened bathroom, right past the light switch … and up to the toilet paper roll, which I proceeded to flip up and down in the dark, wondering why the light wasn’t coming on.

Yup. I was out of it. Still feeling the lingering aftereffects too. If there are a few typos in this post … egh. Whatever.

Anyway, the other reason is that, as of last week, I have now started working at my second job, and as you’d imagine, that’s cutting into my free time just a little bit. I’m still getting my schedule figured out (and of course, being sick threw it for a complete loop), but it does appear that my writing is going to slow down a little bit. I’ll do what I can, but things will likely get a little slower from here on out.

Anyway, I’ll keep you guys posted.

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