Patreon Supporter Update

All right guys, just a quick update on the Patreon Side of things.

First of all, February’s Patreon Supporter Award is now up. I’m still not quite 100% sure how Patreon’s reward system works, but if it works the way I think it works, then those of you who have pledged your support this month can take a look at the reward, which is … an early look at some of my work on Shadow of an Empire! So if you’ve supported me this month, head on over to Patreon and take a look!

Now, second of all, if you are one of those Patreon supporters, I’m looking for a little feedback. Not on Shadow, no, but on how the Patreon experience has been treating you. I’ve not heard much about it since I’ve launched it, and all I’ve really done with it is make sure I’ve got the monthly rewards up. So for those who have been feeding me a few dollars here and there (which I am grateful for), how’s the experience? Should the rewards be going up at a certain time? Is the current system working? Are the rewards capturing your attention?

Let me know in the comments!

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