Unusual Events is Out!

Unusual Events

Unusual Events: A ‘Short” Story Collection is now Available!
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Alaskan adventures. Haunted Hospitals. Something lurking under the kitchen … stove?

Nothing is as it first seems in this new collection of ten thrilling tales from author Max Florschutz. Magic intertwines with the ordinary in five new stories set in the Unusual universe, while in the world of Indrim steam and high fantasy intersect. Elsewhere, men struggle against the elements in the last frontier, a reporter delves deep into the mysteries surrounding her city’s heroic figure, and a young man heads off to war for his people.

Ten fantastic tales of wonder and excitement. It’s nothing ordinary.

It’s Unusual Events.

515 pages.

Stories included in this collection:

The Unusual Universe—
-Flash Point: Life is tricky when you’re a high school student. Doubly so when magic may be involved.
-Monthly Retreat: Life changing events follow Alma in the wake of her trip to South America.
-Kitchen Creature: Something’s lurking under the kitchen … Stove? Two college students square off against their new, Unusual, occupant.
-The Graveyard: Come to Hawaii, take a break, tour the graveyards?
-A Miner Haunting: In light of Jacob Rocke’s latest adventure, he ends up in a hospital, sharing a room with a very unexpected—and dead—individual.

The World of Indrim—
-Ripper: Wrapped in the steam-fueled mists of the Empire’s capital city, a serial killer moves against her next target.

Stories about Alaska—
-Vacation: Come see Alaska! Get up close and personal with its myriad wildlife. Very close.
-Workday: A young teen is dropped blind into a new summer job as a deckhand on a halibut boat.

Other Stories—
-SUPER MODEL: A young woman struggles to be the first to land an exclusive interview with her city’s reclusive superhero.
-For Glory: The Lamanite nation marches to war, and Mathoni with it. But the glories of war are not always what we are promised …

That’s right! While those who pre-ordered got their hands on their copies last night, this morning Unusual Events officially switched from “Pre-order” to “Buy now and read!”

What does this mean? Well, for starters it means that you can read the preview on Amazon.com at long last. Still not sure why they don’t let you preview pre-order books, but maybe there’s a reason. But second, it means that if you click that “Buy” button, you’ll get your copy of Unusual Events, all 515 pages of it, on your kindle or other electronic reading platform of choice in moments!


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