Pre-Order Unusual Events Now!

Unusual Events

Pre-Order Unusual Events: A “Short” Story Collection now to receive it January 26th!

That’s right! Pre-orders are now open! You can buy Unusual Events in advance at get it first thing the morning of the 26th! And it’s only $7.99 for 515 pages worth of great fiction! How awesome is that?

Pretty awesome.

Now, let’s be clear here and address the elephant in the room. We all know there’s some other big fantasy book that’s coming out as well on the same day that’s supposed to be a pretty important deal. And maybe it is. Some people may be thinking “I’ll get both.” And that’s totally cool. Do that.

But there are others who might be thinking: “Well, I guess I’ll just have to pick one.”

Hold the phone! Before you make that call, consider this. That other book? Not even 400 pages. And the kindle edition alone will set you back $14.99—almost twice what Unusual Events costs! Oh, and did I mention you only get one story in it? Unusual Events comes with ten. Whoa.

Clearly, your best option is to buy both. At the same time. But if you can only afford one because money is tight, well … do the math. One story versus ten.

Tell your friends. Tell your family. Tell everyone! Unusual Events has arrived!

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