Unusual Events Release Date!

JANUARY 26th, 2016

Unusual Events

That’s right, it’s almost here! Mark your calendars and bookmark the kindle store, because Unusual Events: A “Short” Story Collection is releasing on January 26th, 2016! That’s just under three weeks from now!

There will be more information available for you as we get closer to launch, but until then, here’s a quick summary of what’s been said so far:

  • Ten gripping new stories in total, roughly 148,000 words of pure fiction, or around 500 pages worth of reading!
  • Five new Unusual Universe stories, including a new Jacob Rocke story that serves as a side-story to the events of Dead Silver!
  • Two stories exploring the “last frontier” of the Alaskan wilderness!
  • Two new stories set in entirely new universes! Get your first glance at the Indrim Empire from the forthcoming Shadow of an EmpireĀ with Ripper, and a different look at superheroes with SUPER MODEL!
  • Plus one more story of a surprising nature!

Look for a pre-order page soon!

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