Post Christmas Update

Hey guys, Max here!

So, no Being a Better Writer post today, for a few reasons. The writing-based reasons are that I’m currently busy with getting ready for the new year, including planning out my goals and schedule for the coming months. As I’ve got a book coming out in a few weeks, that plannings got a very visceral feel, but I also want to see about making sure my writing goals for this year are accurate and keeping me up to speed.

Of course, there’s a none-writing reason too. Last week, just before Christmas, my house had some work done. A basic installation … except in the course of it a water pipe was nicked by a screw and sprung a leak. What we thought was initially a byproduct of lots of rain and seepage quickly changed into a small battle against the elements—or to be precise, two elements. Because see, this water leak is in the same room as the majority of our electronics. All last week and through the weekend a war was waged against the water, utilizing towel after towel, until a contractor could arrive to take a look at things.

As for why this is interfering with a BaBW post for the day, the plain and simple truth is that as the leak got worse, I jury rigged a contraption to catch roughly fifty to seventy-five percent of the water in a tray … but it has to be emptied every hour or it overflows. So at the moment I’m running a little bit short on sleep.

That’s okay though; were this an ordinary Christmas vacation, I still wouldn’t be back at it anyway for the above reasons of planning and whatnot. 2016 is coming, and with it Unusual Events, Colony, and Shadow of an Empire. I need to figure out what I’m writing after Shadow, as well as get the second Alpha for Colony underway. Plus there’s the BaBW posts to plan ahead for, another LTUE convention in February …

Anyway, I hope you all enjoyed your holidays, and are looking forward to what 2016 brings! I’ll be back in a day or two with some less sleep-deprived content!

EDIT: And the construction crew is coming today to fix things. Hooray! But now I have to get everything ready for them.

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