Almost Into Beta!

Phew! After moving, fishing, being in Alaska, and dealing with a whole host of other events that kept pushing themselves into the way, life is finally back at its almost (for me) semi-normal pace of work. Which means getting up, getting ready for my day, and walking ten feet to my computer, where I attack my keyboard with fierce determination.

So, updates. First of all, for you Patreon people. I apologize for not getting a reward out last month (October), but the whole “Being in Alaska with no solid internet connection and no access to most of my work” thing really drug that down. So this month, probably today or tomorrow, the reward is going to be a little something extra. No excerpts this time. Instead, I’ll be letting you guys get an early look at an entire chapter from Colony (which, just so you know, is just over a third of the way into its second Alpha edit). I still haven’t quite picked what chapter—after all, it’s a 1300 or so page book (about 326,000 words worth of manuscript at the moment), so I’ve got a lot of options to choose from. Plus, I don’t want to drop spoilers into the mix, so it has to be a chapter early enough that I don’t give away some of the starting mysteries. Also, not something I’d teased before (I’ve already made a public teaser of one of the early firefights).

Anyway, and again, thank you to those of you who have been supporting me on Patreon.

Now, onto the primary topic of this post. A lot of you have been wondering when my next book would be out. And unfortunately, I don’t have a release date on that yet (I’m waiting until I’m both in beta and have a cover). However, this doesn’t mean it’s a long ways away, because right now Unusual Events is partway through its second Alpha Reading … almost ready for Beta! After the Beta comes the copy-edit, and after that … publication!

So yeah, it’s close. Look forward to a cover reveal and a release date in the coming weeks, And then mark your calendars—if the Alpha feedback is anything to go off of, Unusual Events is going to be quite a blast for many of you.

Normalcy is slowly asserting itself, people! Good things are coming!

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