Labor Day Sale!

It’s Labor Day! Which means that there won’t be a Being a Better Writer post today. I’m taking the day off (well, kinda) and enjoying a well-deserved, one-day vacation.

But that doesn’t mean I don’t have anything to offer you! No, in fact, I have something excellent! A Labor Day sale … Which I’ll admit, you probably already knew, because you saw that header and clicked on it, and well, anyway, let’s cut to the chase: Books are on sale! If you’ve been waiting, thinking about picking either one up while you wait for Unusual Events to arrive, today would be the day to do it!

One Drink CoverOne Drink  $0.99!

Jacob Rocke, spook, finds himself wrapped up in a deadly mystery when a client hires him to solve a strange case: Why a ghostly wolf has attacked her husband. It seems simple enough, but in the world of the Unusual … things aren’t always what they seem. Even something as simple as a haunting.

An Unusual novella. 100 pages.

Dead SilverDead Silver $2.99!

When shaman Hawke Decroux gets a call from his old friend Jacob Rocke, things sound pretty simple. Take a vacation from the animal control business for a few days, head out to Silver Dreams, New Mexico, and try to catch a couple of chupacabras bothering the local’s animals. Except when he arrives, Rocke has vanished, and no one seems to know where to find him. Worse, the chupacabra attacks are growing disturbingly violent, hunting larger and larger prey. Something is rotten in Silver Dreams, and alone, armed only with his staff, his powers, and his wits, it’s up to Hawke to find out what.

Before the whole town slips into a nightmare from which it might never wake up.

An Unusual novel. 451 pages.

You can acquire either of them separately at their individual pages by clicking the covers or titles above, or you can find both of them at my author page on, which you can also follow to get updates on upcoming books and releases!

Happy reading!

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