Unusual Events’ Alpha Draft is Done!

Huzzah! I, minutes ago, just put the finishing touches on the last of Unusual Event‘s stories. Next, editing and Alpha Reading begins!

But I figured I’d share a few stats for those who are curious about the collection. And also so I can look over what I wrote and accomplished. I started working on Unusual Events on May 28th of this year, and finished tonight—August 8th—so it took just over two months to write. Discounting weekends and a few break days for holidays and whatnot, it took me about … 45 days, give or take a few. Not bad, but a little slower than I would have liked. To be fair, however, writing “short” stories I did have to radically twist my brain to different topics about once a week or more, jumping from universe to universe and coming up with plot after plot. And to be honest, I’m done with “short” stories for a while. I’m ready to do an epic again! Shadow of an Empire, here I come … once editing is done and these are published, that is.

So, what’s the end result? Well, Unusual Events as of now has ten stories. I’m likely to ask the alpha readers what the worst one is, and cut it, which would leave the collection with nine stories, but we’ll see what they say. In any case, the stories (as of this moment) are as follows.

Unusual Universe:

  • The Graveyard—822 words. The shortest of the set, and the only story that was not actually written for it. This was written by me during my last year of college, and was the initial appearance and genesis of Jacob Rocke. I’ll be touching it up, but it’s mostly there for a fun bonus.
  • A Miner Haunting—10,199 words. The newest Jacob Rocke story.
  • Flash Point—22,084 words. Moving to a new town and a new school  where you’re the new kid sucks. But it can be worse, and when strange things start happening around Mark, it is.
  • Kitchen Creature—8,924 words. Ever wonder what happened to the food you dropped on your college apartment’s floor?
  • Monthly Retreat—13,323 words. Life can throw unexpected curve-balls at you. Alma’s newest might be more than she can handle. Even if it only comes once a month.

Shadow of an Empire Universe (Official Name Undecided)

  • Ripper—13,516 words. A serial killer who can alter sound stalks her next target.

Alaska (Written Mostly by Request. Now People Can Stop Bothering Me About It.)

  • Vacation—9,120 words. Come see Alaska. Get treed by a grizzly bear. Make idle chatter with your tour guide. Not like the bear’s going to talk.
  • Workday—8,737 words. Casey is about to start his first day as a deckhand on a halibut boat. He really doesn’t want to be there.


  • SUPER MODEL—37,372 words. No one has ever managed to get an interview with Wanderer, the city’s elusive superhero. Samantha has followed his career her entire life, and she’s determined to be the first, no matter what it takes.

All right, so that’s … 124, 097 words. Or about 376 pages in print. Not bad for two months’ worth of work, I say! It’ll probably adjust a bit in editing, but I feel pretty good about that. Still have to decide on a price, but I have decided I’m going to take two or three of the stories and make a free sampler with them. Probably two, given the lengths here.

Either way, Unusual Events now heads to the Alpha Readers! Yes! Time to get this thing published! As well as both parts of Colony (at last, right?).

Phew. I need a break! Night!

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