Hugo Awards Voting Deadline Coming Up Fast—The Hugos Need YOU!

If you’re voting or planning to vote in the Hugo Awards this year, be aware that the deadline is coming up soon. End of July soon, so if you haven’t submitted your ballots yet, be sure to get on that.

And remember: What is important is that you vote for what you see as the best works of the year. Not what someone else’s blog said you should vote for; that’s been the problem with the Hugos thus far that part of the controversy hinges on. Read it yourself, and vote on it yourself. Ignore the shouted accusations of “neo-nazi” or “sexist” being thrown out at the ones who don’t vote with the “in crowd” and just vote. For whatever you read and thought was the greatest.

I’ve already seen a blog from one newcomer to the Hugo Awards chronicling their experiences reading and voting for the Hugo Awards thus far. Add your voice to the mix (for the vote, blogging is optional)! The Hugo Awards, despite trying to represent the entirety of Science-Fiction and Fantasy, represent a near microscopic slice of the fanbase, one so small as to put the entire collective within the margin of error of a fraction of the whole (for the math, see this post). They’ve needed fresh eyes for a long time. They’ve needed fresh readers. Fresh voters. They’ve needed people who will nominate works, read the nominees, and then cast their vote.

In ten days the voting for the Hugo this year will be done and over. If you can, make sure your vote is part of it.

And if not? If you’re new to this and—like many, many others—had no idea that as a fan of Sci-Fi/Fantasy, you’re allowed to have a voice in what is the best of Sci-Fi/Fantasy? There’s next year. The 2016 Hugo Awards. Make a note on your calendar, leave a message on your phone … give yourself a reminder so that next year, when once again the Hugo Awards rise from their slumber and ask “What’s the greatest this year in Science-Fiction and Fantasy?” you come with an answer.

One thought on “Hugo Awards Voting Deadline Coming Up Fast—The Hugos Need YOU!

  1. Reblogged this on Mars Is and commented:
    If you were smart enough NOT to miss the boat in terms of registering, then be smart enough to listen to this post in voting. Remember, registered voters matter to pollsters, but actual VOTERS make the decisions.


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