A Summary of the Week

Content has been light this week. I’m sure you’ve noticed. I’ve been preoccupied with trying to finish up a few of the stories for Unusual Events, and getting ready for a con this weekend I’ll be paneling at.

Yep, convention time! I love ’em. Cons are so much fun! Though I mainly go for the panels (either attending or—like tomorrow—being on them). Or just talking writing and sci-fi/fantasy with people.

But that’s been the reason for my psuedo-silence over the last week. I’ve just been busy. Managed to hit 52,000 words written this month yesterday, for instance. Well on track to try for yet another month of 100,000 words written.

You might be thinking “that’s a lot of words!” And yes, you’d be right. But considering that Unusual Events is sitting at (adds up all the shorts) about 100,000 words right now …

Well, it’s a roundabout way of saying “Hey, here’s why I’ve been quiet.” Plus, con this weekend. I’m actually the moderator on a panel there too, so some of my free time is coming up with panel questions and doing some research on the rest of the panelists so we’ve got good material.

I’ll still have a “From the Archives” guide post for tomorrow though. No worries.

And I have some interesting stuff in the future. After hearing so much about it, I snagged a copy of Ancillary Justice from my local library to see what everyone (and by this everyone, I mean literary awards) was talking about, and why no one (and by this, I mean ordinary readers) seemed to be talking about it. I’ll be finishing that sometime in the next week and dropping my thoughts on it. Ordinarily I don’t do reviews like this, but as Ancillary has become a bit of a lightning rod for some of the Hugo award controversy (having won four major “Best Book of 2014” awards at one go), it’s built itself up as a book that is the absolute peak of writing, and therefore deserves a look. I’ll get that too you sometime this coming week.

Anyway, I’ve got a con to plan for and some more writing to do. Going to try and finish another short—okay, novelette or novella—for Unusual Events today. So … work beckons!

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