Mostly Work, Actually

Yes, I’ve been pretty silent on here for the last few days. And not without reason. Most of what I would call “blog-writing time” has been sucked up by taking care of business on my other blog—dealing with an art contest, doing Q&As, that kind of stuff. Which doesn’t mean I don’t have news for over here. I just I only have so much writing time in a day, and right now the majority of that writing time still goes to (you guessed it) writing writing. Like Unusual Events, which is only a few stories from completion now (and some of these stories are really cool, including one that is a first look at the world of Shadow of an Empire).

So, basically, I’ve been working. But there are some tidbits of news I can pass on.

First, the Patreon Reward for this month will likely go up tomorrow. I’ve still been ironing out details about the world of Shadow of an Empire, and I also haven’t wanted to drop information that would be a major spoiler for the book, so as I’ve been worldbuilding material and writing this week I’ve been building an idea of what to post.

Second, if you’re a follower of that other blog, this will mean more to you, but I’m going to be a special guest a con next week from Friday to Saturday. I’ll be hosting a panel on writing. Since this is a fandom specific con, it’s probably not of interest to anyone outside that particular fandom, but I’ll mention it anyways because that’s going to suck up some of my time.

Third (and best for last), Papa Pat, the same book reviewer who tackled One Drink and walked away loving it, has reviewed Dead Silver, which now has another five stars to its name. He had a lot to say about it in his review, but I can give you a highlight here:

I read this almost in one sitting, immediately upon after receiving a review copy from the author. I have mumble books in my to-be-reviewed list, so that should give you an idea of how much I enjoyed it.

It’s nice to see Dead Silver and One Drink continue to rack up the high reviews. I just need to focus on getting Colony and Unusual Events out so I can have more than two books on the market and things ought to really be looking up!

Back to work! I’ve got another book to finish, and only so many words I can type in a day!

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