Vote Now For the July Patreon Reward (Now Closed)

Yeesh! A lot of posts today between this and my other hangouts!

Anyway, supporters and fans, the time has come to vote for the July Patreon Supporter Reward! You can vote until the evening of July 6th by clicking this link!

What is this, you might ask? Simple! Each month, those who support me by donating over on Patreon¬†receive a bonus look at upcoming or behind-the-scenes material. Preview looks at material heading to books, or background notes that contain neat little tidbits you’d otherwise not see. Now, I can pick them myself, but this time? I decided why not let the fans decide?

So vote! And then support, if you haven’t, to get access to the same reward material!

Thanks for reading guys! Back to work!

Update! Winner decided! It’ll be up in a few days!

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