New One Drink Review!

One of the best things about being an author is hearing back from the readers that love your work. It’s a great feeling. Not just because they sit there and tell you that they like the stuff you’ve created—though don’t get me wrong, that’s a wonderful feeling—but because most often they tend to come with stories attached. Those are great to hear, because when a fan comes to me with a story, I know that something in my book impacted their life in some way, and I get some of the best possible insight on where the book succeeded for that reader. For example, one of my favorite fan-responses to date came in the form of an e-mail from a reader of Dead Silver who informed me that they lived in New Mexico, the same state where Dead Silver takes place, and that not only had they finished the book in two sittings, but they hadn’t gone outside after dark as a result for three days. That tells me volumes about how my work was received (well). Plus, it brings a wide smile to my face. It’s not just being read, it’s seeing how people react to what they’ve read.

Now, with all that said, Pat of Papa Pat Rambles, a book review blog, has posted a review of One Drink!

Long story (and questions about the proper way to add a possessive plural to my name) aside, he loved it. Here’s the gist of his review:

If you are a firearms guy, you will NOT screech at errors here. That is SUCH a good thing. I’m so tired of stuff like having the hammer manually cocked on a 1911, or the safety clicked on a Glock. Max, you did a beautiful job!
The main character has a bizarre job: he’s a boogey-man hunter. Still a bit of stigma on that, unfortunately, but he deals with it well. You know those books where the main character is filled with self doubt? This ain’t one.
Lots of great action, plus detective work, and Max, you draw GREAT characters!

Papa Pat has graciously awarded One Drink a five-star review on Amazon to go with his glowing words. Thank you Pat, for reading, enjoying, and reviewing! I’m glad my work paid off, and I hope you continue to enjoy my writing works in the future!


If you still haven’t grabbed your own copy of One Drink yet, you can grab a copy now for $2.99 at this link.

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