Because it’s Not Always About Writing …

There’s more to life than writing. Which probably sounds odd to some of my readers on here. After all, I’ve kind of admitted that I spend close to an unhealthy amount of time daily perched in front of a keyboard, fingers clicking away at the keys in order to produce the next something (which currently is a short story collection for which the first short story has become a small novella … go figure).

But that can’t be all I do. And, if I were to throw a bit of a “Being a Better Writer” advice moment to this, nor should it be all any writer does. First of all, being in the basement apartment that I rent, simply writing all day every day without any breaks would probably leave my skin a shade of white that would only be matched by paper—which in turn at some point in the future would make an “About the Author” post really awkward-looking (Hey, look who wrote this! Nosferatu!). That, and as a writer, the more you do, the more you can write about.

So, point being, I like to do other stuff from time to time. Stuff that gets my blood moving. But today, just for fun, I wanted to share a new non-writing thing I’ve started recently. Don’t worry, it’s not active. It’s just something fun and entertaining.

It’s the Ultimate Hot Dog Summer Variety Special.

Some of you might have seen this image making the rounds on reddit and the rest of the internet a few weeks back. If I recall properly, it started circulating just before Memorial Day. If you haven’t seen it until now, it’s pretty self-explanatory. Forty different ways places around the world prepare hot dogs.

Most, I think, at least in the threads I saw, just thought it was interesting. Some debated over how accurate it was.

Not me. I saw an opportunity. A new summer hobby that would give me a chance to use my grill a couple of times a week.

This summer, I’m working my way through most of this list. As you might guess, it’s a delicious bit of experimentation, even if my progress is a little slow (first because I don’t have the money to buy everything at once, and second because that’s just too much hot dog at once). So far the Tijuana Dog has been my favorite—even without the bacon it’s pretty good.

Is there a point? Well, to have fun. To try some new things. To get my mind off of plot threads, character development, and pacing long enough to relax for a little while, like giving a muscle a break.

But mostly? For fun. I’ll let you guys know which ones end up my favorites.

Before I go, don’t forget that Dead Silver is currently 34% off, and will be until midnight this Friday! Mystery, suspense, and chupacabras, all for $3.99! And with a plethora of five-star reviews to its name, I’m certain that some of you are itching to see if it really lives up to its reputation!

One thought on “Because it’s Not Always About Writing …

  1. I’m a firm believer that one can’t be a good writer if writing is all that you do. If you’re not out experiencing life (and it doesn’t take a lot of money, though that doesn’t hurt) how can you write about real characters and real situations?

    And I applaud your culinary endeavors. I cook all the time.

    But out-and-about a couple of weeks ago, running across a street fair, I found the best thing ever (better than a Hugo): a guy selling grilled pork belly kababs. Pork. Belly. Kababs. (I’ll just leave that there.)


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