Dead Silver Sale Through Friday!

Dead Silver Hopefully those of you who wanted a copy of One Drink managed to snag your copy while it was nice and free! If you haven’t yet, you might still have an hour or two after this post goes up, but once that freebie is gone, it’s back to being $2.99!

Now then, for those of you who have already sampled One Drink and have been tempted to go for more, today’s post is for you. Continuing with the trend of celebration, Dead Silver is 34% off starting June 3rd and continuing through June 5th! That’s three full days you have to pick up Dead Silver at a reduced price!

Dead Silver is the standalone sequel to One Drink, starring Hawke Decroux as he heads off to sunny, southwest, Silver Dreams, New Mexico for a vacation … and a chance to try his hand at catching a live chupacabra bothering the locals animals. No sooner does he arrive, however, then things turn predictably sour. Jacob Rocke is missing—and suspected of murder—while the chupacabra attacks are growing bolder by the day. Something rotten is lurking in Silver Dreams, and if Hawke doesn’t get to the bottom of it soon, the whole town may end up facing something straight out of its worst nightmares.

Weighing in at 451 pages of edge-of-your seat suspense and mystery, Dead Silver is the perfect way to keep yourself up at night. Just don’t turn out that light. You don’t know what might be lurking out there in the dark.

You can pick it up by finding it at the “Books” tab above, or by clicking the image there to your left.

As always, if you enjoy this or anything else I’ve written, please leave a review, and keep checking Unusual Things. There’s more fun to come!

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