One Drink Free Today!

One Drink CoverIn honor of the launch of Beyond the Borderlands, the at long last sequel to a fanfic I wrote quite some time ago, One Drink is now on a delicious, affordable, one-day sale! You can pick up your copy for the low price of free simply by clicking the image to your left there (or above if you’re on a phone) or by selecting the “Books” tab at the top of the page and selecting it there.

If you’ve not checked into it before, One Drink was my first release. It tells the tale of one Jacob Rocke, a paranormal investigator, or “Spook,” licensed by the government to deal with things of an … unusual nature. When a client approaches him in a bar with a story about a ghostly wolf leaping through her bedroom wall and attacking her husband, Rocke knows he’s got a case that’s right up his alley. But when he starts digging into things, he might find that he’s in over … well, if not his, than someone’s head … and that there might be a lot more to worry about than a simple ghost at work.

Settling in at about 100 pages, its perfect for an entertaining afternoon read, and at the price … well, it’s hard to beat free. But grab it quick, because once June 2nd is over and done, so is the deal! Of course, this is June 2nd by Amazon’s clock, so you might have some extra time if they’re running by another time zone.

And if you’ve already dipped your toes into the Unusual universe and have your eye on the standalone sequel, Dead Silver, fret not, and look towards Wednesday.

But until then, enjoy!

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