Free Books!

No, these aren’t mine. Though if you’re going to read something, I’d hardly be remiss to point out that clicking that little tab labeled “Books” at the top of the page will bring you to two good ones. But no, what I’m talking about here today is Baen having updated their free library sometime last week. Huzzah!

Actually, double “Huzzah!” because not only has Baen made free one book from one of of my favorite authors—Cobra by Timothy Zahn—but two, the second being Monster Hunter International by Larry Correia.

Both are fun reads, though both are very different. Cobra, which I am now rereading, and if I remember properly, is an interesting take on the Science-Fiction Super Soldier trope. It’s not Zahn’s greatest work, nor is it perfect, but it’s fun and it’s free. Monster Hunter International, on the other hand, is exactly what it says on the tin. If you walk into that book expecting something that’s not an international group of monster hunters getting paid to, well, hunt and kill monsters in ludicrous, explosive fashion, you’re going to be disappointed. But if you’re looking for a good, old-fashioned joy-ride with orcs, elves, and rocket launchers, you’ll find it between those pages.

You can grab them at the above-linked Amazon pages, or, if you’d rather be more hands on (and browse some other freebies), you can head on over to the Baen Free E-book Library and grab them in a DRM-free format of your choice.

Either way, enjoy! And, in light of some recent discussion about such, don’t neglect to leave them reviews when you’re done!

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