An Analytic Breakdown of the Hugos

Just a quick, heads-up notice here (and I’ll be tweeting it as well), but someone over at a blog titled Difficult Run has posted a series of charts, graphs, and breakdowns of the Hugo awards and nominations from their inception until today. And there are some interesting results, well worth looking at if you’re on either side of the Hugo Award debate. As the author points out, it’s not an end-all. Nor, in my opinion, will it likely sway anyone from either side who has already dug their trench and mined the no-man’s-land (literally no man‘s, in some cases). But for those of us who can deal with hunting down data and looking at things, it’s a worthwhile read with some interesting data to back up some of its conclusions. Of particular interest to me (and probably to most) was the chart showing the respective review scores of both Hugo nominees and winners over the last half-century, which does show an interesting downward trend starting about 5-6 years ago.

But enough from me on it. Go read, digest, and form your own conclusions.

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