What to Expect from Unusual Things

So, things are still getting settled around here (for instance, I’m not so sure I like the theme yet, and getting all the categories put together could take some time), but regardless, if you’ve just stumbled across Unusual Things, well, you’re probably curious about what you can expect. If this post is the first thing that you’re seeing, well then, I’d do well to point you either in the direction of the “About” section at the top of the page, or at this site’s initial post, which does a pretty good job laying out who’s typing all these words.

Once that’s out of the way—or if you don’t care and just want to skip right to the content—here’s the meat of what you can expect:

Information on Upcoming and Current Works: Because what would an author’s page be without a little self-promotion or at least discussion of what I’m writing and working on? Whether it’s how my progress is going on fleshing out a story’s ending, or an update on how alpha readers are enjoying my first book, you can expect that from time to time I’ll talk about it.

Being a Better Writer: A popular series of writing helps and guides that I began writing over a year ago. These will be collected under their own category, but the core goal is to provide help and answer questions for young or new authors who are struggling with a concept or looking for a refresher on a topic with something to peruse that can help. Being a Better Writer covers a variety of topics, so if you’re looking for something specific or just curious, look for posts with this tag and title! Being a Better Writer will usually update on Mondays, so check in often!

Random Stuff: Well, it is a blog. Interesting thoughts about a book I’ve recently read, little bits of insight into why I write fanfiction in addition to publishing books, recommendations, or really any other topic that I feel like writing about. I really can’t be specific at this time since this is kind of the “catch-all anything” concept, but I’ll try to keep things free from clutter through good use of tags. Also, I’m trying not to waste anyone’s time, so these will be things that I post because I’m already sure there’s an audience for it.

This will probably face adjustment as things move onward. so for now none of it is set in stone (save for Being a Better Writer), but it’s a general idea of what to expect, no?

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